Meet Susan Finley

Susan Finley is a certified Life Coach and Catalyst, specializing in happiness, personal empowerment, spirituality, the Law of Attraction, and metaphysics.

Susan’s mission is to empower others to create a happier, more abundant, healthier life…

Susan provides her clients with very practical, easy to understand visionary tools, knowledge and information in a very uplifting way! Some of these ways include helping her clients discover their passions, releasing blocks and limiting beliefs, discovering how to have more unconditional love of themselves and others, learning how to receive assistance from the higher realms, and empowering her clients with new healing techniques.

Susan is the author of the book entitled, Keys to Unlocking the Law of Attraction (What You Need To Know to Have the Life You Desire). In this book she provides the “BEST of the BEST” information, tools, and techniques she’s learned and uses in her own life. It’s presented in a very simple and easy to understand way which will assist you in attracting the wonderful life you desire.  You may purchase this book as an e-book on her website or write to her to send you a hard copy. Susan also offers personal coaching, and angel and empowerment card reading.

Susan has been a guest on Debbie Dashinger’s award winning radio show, Dare to Dream, Blog Talk Radio, and Talk Radio Network. She has given numerous classes, talks, and teleconferences in the areas of self- empowerment, happiness, spirituality, the Law of Attraction and metaphysics to various groups, libraries and churches. Some of her talks include:  Keys to Essential Happiness, Keys to Unlocking the Law of Attraction, How to Be Happier and Attract What You Desire, How to Keep Your Vibration High Through Difficult Times, How to Energetically Clear Negativity In Your Life, Love-What is it And How to Get More Of It, Your Essential Chakras, How To Make 2016 the Best Year Yet … and more.

Susan has been an elementary school teacher for the past 25 years.  During this time, she has earned the “Teacher of the Year” award.  Susan believes that EVERYONE is able to achieve their highest version of Happiness, Enlightenment and Success, and live their wonderful life that they desire and deserve!