Happy Women

How does somebody genuinely feel happy?

The answer is simple. It is largely by choice.

You can be and feel happier. It is possible to attract loving, genuine people into your life. If you trust in a higher power, you create trust in your physical world.

Choosing to think happy thoughts in your inner world (your mind) causes you to create happy situations in your outer world. When you think happy thoughts, you choose to live according to your innate passion to love others.

Have faith in yourself and in what you do. By focusing on having faith in what’s good, you naturally attract that to you.

When you think happy thoughts, you don’t block other things out. Instead, you merely CHOOSE to focus upon seeing and living according to the opportunities in life. With a happy attitude, you don’t have to COPE with life. Rather, you accept that challenging things might be happening but find a way to work WITH them.


Look for ways to enjoy the improved way of working WITH the unexpected.

Imagine good things routinely and commonly happen for you.
Program your attitude to be that of a happy outcome waiting to be experienced by you in all your life situations.

Simply expressed, when we complain about life, we create more situations that complicate and delay happiness in our life.

The Law of Attraction actually works by focus, concentration and acting out mental scripts for happiness. The Law, simply stated, says that you bring into physical “beingness” realities created first from your mind.

When you imagine life is against you, you create life situations where life works against you. The opposite is also true. Expect, think and imagine that great things happen for you, and they do.

The Happy Life Coach guides and teaches you to attract into your physical world predominantly happy life situations. It all begins by understanding how to think happy thoughts in your mind.


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