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“If there is anyone who was meant to be a Happiness Coach, it is Sue. She exudes happiness. Just being in her presence makes you feel happy. However, being in her presence isn’t the only way that she can help you find your path to happiness. She is a wealth of knowledge regarding techniques, products, books and other information that can help ANYONE find a state of peace, relaxation and happiness. Not only is Sue amazing at uncovering a huge range of information, she is able to teach it in a way that everyone can understand and use on their own!”

~ L.M.

“Sue is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she teaches. For class, she offered us handouts that thoroughly covered each of the topics, plus other pertinent information that I found helpful and interesting! Her class encompassed our physical, emotional and spiritual selves as she offered practical tips and insights on how to live a more empowered and gratifying life. She also led effective, soothing and emotionally releasing meditations and showed others how to heal themselves physically. She is a natural and gifted teacher. She is eager to impart all that she knows, is fun and lively, well-prepared and doesn’t pressure anyone to participate. What is really nice is that she practices what she teaches!”

~ Robin


“Sue is a very inspirational speaker with a very positive speaking and teaching ability. She presents happiness to anyone who is listening. I would highly recommend her!”


“The class was VERY inspirational and I feel it gave me the tools to learn to live the life I was sent here to live. If more people could live life with the intention and compassion Sue teaches, we would all live divine love.”

~ J.T.

“Sue presented a thought-provoking, helpful, path-clearing way to bring happiness into our lives. She helped us remember happiness is our divine birthright that we are all born with, and what we are all here to find.”

~ E.M.

“Sue, your new book, Keys To Unlocking The Law of Attraction really cleared up some simple concepts for me about the Law of Attraction. I’ve already started writing my manifesting affirmations differently with astounding results. Just the simply little tweaks I’ve made due to your insights made all the difference in the world! But, you should be charging way more than you are for this book. It’s priceless!”

~Susan Fox, CH
Brain Dialog Researcher
Author, The Coma Whisperer (Amazon)
Energy Field Intuitive

“Keys to Unlocking the Law of Attraction was such a life changing book for me! As a full-time working mother of two young children, I forget to slow down and remember what’s important…..and that’s being happy! Sometimes in this hectic world we forget to focus on ourselves. I use the affirmations in the book daily and have noticed a huge difference since I started. The book was easy for me to print out and take anywhere. Now all my friends want the book to help them make changes in their lives! Thank you Sue!”

~Jennifer L.
Elementary school teacher and mother of a one- and three-year-old

“Keys to Unlocking the Law of Attraction was such an uplifting and informative book for me! This book has helped me to stay more positive as a busy working mom, and to really get what I want out of life, which is happiness! I have been practicing the techniques described in this book, with great results so far. I feel as though I have been reacting to situations in my life in a more positive, and productive way. This book will stay present in my mind, as I use these tools to truly manifest what I want for my future! Thanks!”

~Michelle Baker
Medical Sales Representative, wife, and mother of a 1 year old

“This book definitely answered all of my questions regarding the “Law of Attraction.” It does provide enlightenment. It also reveals how some people, no matter how hard they try, continue to hit obstacles while others slide through and accomplish their desires with ease. We all know when there is something wrong or difficult in our lives that we must fix it. But seldom do we see that the repair should begin with ourselves.

Susan Finley’s book The Keys to Unlocking The Law of Attraction was awesome. I will read this book again! Truly appreciated.”

~David Hansen
Owner, HFI Web Design/Author

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